Kitchen Shortcut Part 1: Invest in an Instant Pot

Once upon a time (ten years ago to be exact), I debated on which cookware set to get. I opted for the 7 Piece Cuisinart set because it just fit my budget. Amongst other necessities, I decided to also get a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and a Hamilton Beach Crock Pot. After all, these are standard kitchen must-haves. Last year, I was looking to invest in another cookware set to replace the aging set from years ago. So whilst looking for a set, there was this craze about how an Instant Pot could potentially replace most of your pots and pans. I looked into this further as I do cook a lot and I am all about multifunctioning and being as efficient as possible. I gifted myself and gave in to the cult of Instant Pot. I purchased the Instant Duo, 6 Qt 7 in 1. You can check out the best price here:

I have since downsized my cookware. The most I have used out of the set is the large frying pan primarily for breakfast. Everything else became Instant Pot friendly. Making dinner takes me an average of 20 minutes or less. If you count sandwiches dinner, then definitely even less than that. I will discuss meal prep on a separate post and I will share my shortcuts on how to cut down on the time spent on this. The meal prep in my opinion is the most tedious task of preparing a meal. With the Instant Pot, I have made braised beef, beef stews, pork tenderloin, baby back ribs just to name a few. Sounds intimidating but in reality very simple and easy. Do yourself a favor, invest in the Instant Pot and let’s make creative, quick and delicious dinners together. I forgot to mention that I’ve also made cheesecake with this gadget. You just need to switch the silicone ring so your cheesecake doesn’t smell like last night’s pot roast. This Instant Pot is also an attractive piece for your kitchen counter–I mean look at this. My ❤️calls it my very own R2 D2.

Hello gorgeous…

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