Solution to the Toilet Paper Shortage: Non-Mechanical Cost Effective (<$40) Bidets

Warning, this post may be TMI…

In the midst of this pandemic, you may have found yourself staring at empty shelves / aisles where towers of toilet paper once stood. I propose a solution—one that I can attest and confirm is a blessing in disguise. A family of five and this week we have used only 3 rolls of toilet paper. We have bidets in each of our household bathrooms. Price ranges from the 30s to the upper 70s. For this purpose, I find the 20s more affordable. During this toilet paper crisis—this has been a God-send. Aside from its money saving benefits, is having your nether parts gently showered with a tiny water jet after your performance and requiring only one wipe of toilet paper to dry yourself off. This bidet will cost you less than two mega packs of toilet paper—and will give your (front and) bottom the cleanliness and freshness you don’t get from just wiping with toilet paper alone. Easy to install. Go green and stay clean 😏

You can still purchase a bidet here without breaking the bank. This brand is the ROHSCE Self Cleaning Nozzle Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Cold Water Bidet, Nozzle Portable Bidet Attachment, White

the Booty Spa

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