The Virus Named Corona

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I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things – Mother Teresa

Good afternoon everyone. We have been hearing, talking, functioning, adjusting, working around the impacts of this virus. As a nation with the advancements and technology, I had expected this to just be a passing blur such as allergy season or another seasonal strain of the flu. But it did not. When preventative vaccines were developed to protect us from the risk of contracting viruses–this one attacks and spread like wildfire. A silent and deadly killer living amongst us as hosts and spreading to the most vulnerable most without so much as a sneeze. Everyone is impacted. We all know someone who has been affected, we all have heard of the tragic losses amongst families, and the fear that we or someone we know could be its next victim. The first responders, health care providers and hospital staff whose lives are compromised by the lack of proper protective equipment because they are essential to fighting this virus. A means to support themselves and their families but at the risk of their lives and potentially spreading the virus to their families. I have watched the news, read the news, read posts of our health care workers, having to make the difficult decision of isolating themselves from their families to protect their families–living outside of their home. I have also watched as hospitals plead for more protective equipment and support. I have also seen the human compassion in communities of donating meals to the first responders and companies shifting their operations to support this vital cause. Even our groceries, food services, gas attendants, delivery services taking the precautions needed while performing their roles. The government leaders both state and federal have provided daily briefings of where the nation and states stand. They have also provided assistance where they can–from obtaining the necessary support needed to health care systems, establishing orders to protect those experiencing hardship due to unemployment, business shut downs, and even ensuring that people have a home without fear of eviction or foreclosure. My children’s school has been shut down since March 13, 2020, and the district quickly established Google Classrooms. I can’t say this is it the optimal way of learning especially having young children, but it has encouraged them to learn technology and are adjusting to it. My children’s teachers have made the transition great and remain supportive if needed. The district has also provided a meal for the day for families in need. This reminds me that there is still good in this world. As sad as it is to have to incur losses to see humans’ respond to the needs of others is heartwarming. Seeing good should inspire us all to help where we can, no matter how little it may be if at all possible. Count your blessings. Wishing you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy…

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