To Wear or Not to Wear a Mask (COVID-19), That is the Question

Many may disagree with me—CDC, WHO, health professionals and the like. However, in my germophobic mindset heightened by this pandemic—tells me that I should. No, I am not a health professional, I am a normal sometimes neurotic human, and a mom so it is only natural for me to have the mindset of just be “safe than sorry”. To take all the necessary precautions to minimize risks. I am not going to get into the different opinions of each organization or government entities (who are supposed to be firm on recommendations since they are “experts”—not reconsider aka “I changed my mind because my original recommendation is not working”). In my opinion, masks if worn and disposed of properly offer some barrier of protection because it makes logical sense. Whether you are unknowingly a symptomatic carrier or you have a virus, it is a means of protecting yourself and others. End of story. When someone sneezes or coughs 10 feet away from you as you approach that direction, do you really know at what rate those droplets 💧 will mist the airspace between you, float to the floor, and no longer poses a risk? I don’t think you will have the time to calculate the projection and trajectory of those droplets (or quantity). No one is that quick (at least not that I know of). Let’s do our part. Let’s keep this simple and have common sense. If it makes sense just do it. Take precautions, wash your hands often, social distance, protect your eyes / nose / and mouth, stay at home, and take care of you and your family. ❤️

And so, I leave you with this update. To some, it may be considered just a theory, scientifically and logically—this makes sense to me.

Something to think about…

And this…

Something is better than nothing 😷

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