Shhhh…Cyber Affairs Are Happening (Relationships in the Time of COVID)

We have been confined to our homes for 10-weeks now. According to an article I read, Cyber Affairs during this pandemic are on the rise. Were there relationship problems prior to this pandemic? Are there circumstances that are discouraging people to avoid the separation/divorce route? Either too expensive at this time, courts are closed, nowhere to go? If separation/divorce was discussed prior to this pandemic, it sure makes it more intimidating to pursue one now. Weighing whether to pursue an expensive and time consuming divorce or suck it up and save the funds because unemployment may be on the horizon (14.7% currently). Being confined with your significant other, along with juggling a household 24/7, home-schooling children can definitely encourage the need for an “outlet”. Sometimes that grocery run or that jog to the park just doesn’t cut it. Where is the excitement? Virtual meetings are the thing now. It is not just in Google Classrooms, it’s Girls Night Out, Family Game Night, and Shhhhhh…Cyber Affairs disguised in the term “working late”.

A girlfriend of mine experienced infidelity in her relationship and during our Google Meets Girls Night Out-turned-confession-of-her-cheating-husband, she confessed that her husband was having a cyber affair with his coworker. She disclosed that she read the ebook titled “Unmask the Lust, the Lie, the Affair – the Simple but Clever Guide on How to Catch a Cheater” from Curious that she didn’t go through Google and just ask “How to Catch a Cheater”, she mentioned reading a number of ebooks from Kindle as well as blogs. The typical recommendations are to hire an investigator and install SpyWare. She mentioned she was hesitant on installing any sort of SpyWare for fear of identity theft and that private investigators are very expensive. The ebook provided her with simple tactics and strategies. How did she catch her cheating husband? Her response: his out of norm behaviors. Using his behaviors and a few tactics from the book lead her to catching him. I’m surprised in her confidence to admit this, I would not know how to start–let alone confess if this were to happen to me (I hope not). She said reading the book gave her the confidence to face the truth. She sounded as if she had closure from this crazy ordeal. We were surprised she didn’t confide in us before but I can understand how the topic can be sensitive and even embarrassing. I was happy to hear that a book helped her. And if this can help her, I am sure it could many others.

I hope this book encourages those who are experiencing infidelity or suspecting infidelity to not be fearful or intimated to face the truth.


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